Everything You Need to Know About Inclusivi-Tee


In 2016, Lori Myren-Manbeck decided she needed to be part of the solution to the social and environmental injustices she observed. Lori found that many other people in her life shared her sentiment. They all wanted to help but no one knew how or where to begin. As individuals, we don’t have the resources, money, or time to give to every worthy cause. Lori wanted to create something accessible and effective to give people a way to make a difference. 

Inclusivi-Tee began as a T-shirt subscription service. On a quarterly basis, subscribers received T-shirts made from recycled plastic that were designed by talented artists. The profits went to a variety of local and national nonprofits that supported freedom, equality, and environmental stewardship. Lori found that people were really compelled by her mission but hesitant to subscribe since they owned so many T-shirts already. 

However, wearing particular kinds of clothing, especially T-shirts, can be daily activism, so Lori was reluctant to abandon her idea completely. She began to think about how Inclusivi-Tee could keep its essence while not adding to people’s overflowing closets. She still wanted to support organizations financially and make sure customers would receive a physical representation of that support so they could endorse issues they care about every day… 


In Spring 2020, Inclusivi-Tee launched Shareables. These removable, replaceable, interchangeable panels of art that can be snapped into multiple Inclusivi-Tee apparels. With one base piece, customers can create new looks over and over. 

One jacket. One tote bag. Unlimited looks. 

For even more versatility, soon Inclusivi-Tee will be adding t-shirts, overalls, and more to the Shareables collection.


Inclusivi-Tee strives to use only the most sustainable materials in our clothes. Recently we switched from the recycled plastic T-shirts to organic cotton, hemp, and lyocell. All fabrics shed microfibers with every wash. This means that tiny bits of whatever your clothing is made of make their way into the water when your washing machine drains. If a shirt is made from recycled plastic, tiny bits of plastic, called microplastics, will pollute the water. Lori didn’t want to contribute the already huge amount of microplastic pollution, so Inclusive-Tee transitioned to natural and biodegradable fibers. Wearing clothes made from natural or semisynthetic fibers ensures that all the microfibers for your clothing can be processed by the world naturally. 

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Above all, Lori wants her brand to reflect the importance of kindness. Inclusivi-Tee aims to extend kindness through every step of the supply chain. The production of clothing is a resource and labor intensive process so it is important to consider the conditions in which clothes with messages like “Kindness is Magic” are made. The planet must be protected, but so must the people on it.


Inclusivi-Tee works with artists of many different backgrounds and styles to create a diverse, multicultural, inclusive collection of designs. While the business is shifting to focus more on Shareables, there are still many different classic T-shirts available. Click here to read more about the artists or check out Inclusivi-Tee on Instagram