SALE: Sustainable T-Shirts, Hoodies, & More

Inclusivi-Tee has come a long way since it’s start as a t-shirt subscription. As the brand's focus is shifting towards the Shareables collection, there are still some amazing products left in inventory from the earlier days of Inclusivi-Tee. There are many exciting ideas in the works for how you can purchase these amazing products from in-person local sales to high-value mystery boxes.

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To learn more about the kinds of products to expect in upcoming sales and events, keep reading. 


Since 1992, Royal Apparel has been a pioneer in the field of sustainable and ethical knitwear. What makes Royal Apparel different is their commitment to keeping production in the USA. As almost all clothing manufacturing has moved overseas, Royal Apparel continues to operate within the states. But not only that, Royal Apparel strives to have fair, ethical, safe working conditions for each employee at every stage of the supply chain from picking to shipping.

But Royal Apparel isn’t only concerned about people, they are also concerned about the planet. Royal Apparel upholds its environmental values by using materials like viscose and organic cotton, keep reading to learn more about these fibers. Royal Apparel’s commitments to both people and the planet are what makes Inclusivi-Tee happy to support their products.

Many styles, colors, and sizes of Royal Apparel clothing will be available in the sale!


ONNO was founded in 2006 with the goal of having an amazing product while still making sure that every person involved in the process is treated right. Like Royal Apparel, ONNO also uses only naturally derived fabrics like organic cotton and hemp, continue reading to learn more about these fabrics. This means their products are naturally biodegradable and easier on the environment. Another thing ONNO does to promote environmental stewardship is they carbon offset through CarbonFund, meaning they purchase carbon offset to ‘undo’ any damage the may cause the planet. Of course, fixing a problem you create is not as good as not causing a problem at all, but it is certainly better than not doing anything.

Clothes Made From Scrap,

Clothes Made From Scrap,

Inclusivi-Tee is proud to sell ONNO products because they strive to use the most sustainable materials, cause as little damage to the world as possible, and take care of their employees.

Many styles, colors, and sizes of ONNO clothing will be available in the sale!


Since 1994, Clothes made from Scrap has been creating affordable products made in the USA from recycled materials. They produce shirts made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed cotton. Using plastic bottles and pre-existing cotton rather than creating entirely new fibers reduces water, land, and resource use. Recycling plastic and cotton is an amazing way to reuse resources that cannot otherwise be reclaimed. Keep reading to learn more about recycled plastic as fabric. 

Several Inclusivi-Tee designs printed on Clothes Made From Scrap products will be available in the sale!



Viscose is a material known as a semi-synthetic. Materials like cotton, wool, and silk are natural and come directly from animals, while materials like polyester and nylon, made from crude oil, are considered synthetic. But viscose is somewhere in between. Semi-synthetic materials, like viscose, are made plant cellulose, but it is processed in such a way that the fiber is no longer considered fully natural. Many different kinds of plant cellulose can be used to create viscose fabric, for example, Royal Apparel and ONNO use bamboo and hemp since both plants are resilient and often considered low-impact crops.


Growing conventional cotton uses a lot of pesticides, insecticides, water, and land, making it a very stressful crop for both farmers and soil to grow. Organic cotton refers to cotton grown without the use of chemicals and synthetic pesticides. Chemicals used to grow cotton can be toxic to humans and soil, as well as expensive for farmers, so growing organically reduces the negative impact it has on farmers and soil. Royal Apparel only uses cotton that has been grown organically. Both Royal Apparel and ONNO use organic cotton in their products. ONNO’s organic cotton is even Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.


Much of the clothing you are used to wearing is already made from plastic; polyester, acrylic, and nylon are all essentially plastic. While clothing from plastic bottles may some uncomfortable and strange, it is in fact much like what you are used to, but more environmentally conscious. To create this material, plastic bottles are collected, turned into flakes, melted, and, finally, spun into thin threads. These threads are what is woven into garments. In the case of Clothes Made From Scrap, they are spun with reclaimed cotton for an extra unique and soft textile.