Creating a wave of progress, one tee at a time

Supporting the artistic community is an important part of Inclusivi-tee’s mission.  Artists make our world more interesting and colorful; encourage us to take an honest look at ourselves; highlight our growth; and call us out in times of turmoil.  Unfortunately, because of their role as reflectors of truth, the artistic community is often negatively impacted during times of regression.  

Inclusivi-tee shirt designs, created by artists and chosen through an application process will reflect the artists’ visions of progress, equality, and acceptance. The artists will be given significant artistic license to ensure our shirts represent a wide swath of the artistic community.  The only requirements will be that the designs represent the artist’s positive vision of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, equality and/or progress and that the words “Vote Progressive 2018” be incorporated somewhere in the design.

  • Artists will be paid for their work and will keep a blog for our subscribers and visitors to follow during the production process for their shirt.
  • Artists will be featured on our website so they become part of our community.
  • Shirts are earth-friendly, soft and durable and will be manufactured and printed by companies offering fair wages and benefits to their workers.