Creating a wave of progressive news, information and Ts

One of the primary goals of Inclusivi-tee is to provide our members with curated information about the progressive movement; including a list of organizations to follow, news sources we trust and action plans that are underway and succeeding.

This is a lofty and difficult goal and one that will develop as we grow and build our resources. But from the start, we will publish a list and brief descriptions of specific progressive organizations we are following and recommend our members follow. Additionally, we will vet and endorse a select group of progressive news sources for our members to follow.

  • We will begin highlighting and commenting on specific news stories that are pertinent, real and have been fully researched for accuracy.
  • We are developing a training program to help our staff and members distinguish the difference between real and fake news.
  • Over time we will partner with the organizations we support financially and those we promote to keep up-to-date information on their goals, projects and achievements.
  • To ensure further accuracy, we will ask our members to contact us about concerns they have regarding the information we provide.