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Reusable Shopping Bags

Inclusivi-tee is committed to working with companies that make a difference in the world.  Therefore, our reusable shopping bags are manufactured and printed by Freeset, an organization dedicated to providing alternatives to women trapped in poverty and Kolkata, India’s sex trade.


Freeset is based in Sonagacchi, the heart of Kolkata’s red light district where tens of thousands of young women are working as prostitutes daily.  Employees at the company earn twice the average wages,  are provided with health insurance, work in a family-friendly environment, and are involved in making business decisions that directly impact them.   Many women who work at Freeset could barely use a pair of scissors when they were hired. Today, they are making beautiful bags of which they can be proud.  In addition to learning skills related to sewing and printing, employees learn valuable life skills, such as reading and community building.

Organic & Fair-trade:

Freeset bags are made from 100% organic cotton sheeting and canvas, using ethical manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly products. All raw materials are sourced from suppliers using sustainable processes and chemical-free dyes and are free from fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and preservatives.  

For more information about Freeset, visit their website at: http://freesetglobal.com/






We have carefully selected Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc as our t-shirt supplier of choice because of their commitment to protecting our environment, combined with a dedication to producing a quality, comfortable shirt.

All CMFS t-shirts are made from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton, making each t-shirt subscription a contribution to protecting our environment. Recycling prevents these items from filling up our landfills and reduces pollution of the air water and land.

This is a t-shirt you can truly feel comfortable wearing.

How the shirts are made (Source: http://www.clothesmadefromscrap.com/pet.htm)

One of the most impressive features of our recycled poly is the source of the fiber – recycled plastic (PET) soda pop bottles. The bottles are refined and purified, chopped down and processed into spun fiber strands. These strands are then knitted and woven into fabric.

The process begins at your local recycling depot, where the plastic pop bottles are sorted and baled for pickup. The plastic is technically called polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

At the processing plant, the caps and labels are removed, and the bottles are then separated by color,sterilized, crushed, and  chopped into flake.

These tiny pieces of flake are poured into large vats, where they are melted and stirred. This produces a thick liquid that’s extruded through shower-head like devices to create fibrous, polyester strands. The fiber strands are then stretched to produce thinness and strength. The strands are crimped, cut into short pieces and baled for shipping to clothing manufacturers where the thread is knitted and woven into fabric. The fabric can then be made into fleece, T-shirts, carpeting, bags, caps, etc.

The t-shirts resulting from this process are comfortable, durable, and soft.  Join us and try one for yourself.



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