Would you like your art to be featured on one of our t-shirts? Do you share our passion for inclusivity, diversity, equality and shared freedom and want to use your talents to make a difference? We are accepting applications for progressive t-shirt designs.

If you would like to send a sketch, please send to information@inclusivi-tee.com

Please read the following design requirements and indicate your agreement before submitting: 

  1. No photos may be used.
  2. Your design will be on the front of the shirt and approximately 12-14 inches across and down.
  3. You can use up to four colors, including black and white.
  4. You will work with the artistic director to choose a shirt color-not all ink colors work with all shirt colors.
  5. Your work must be original work and designed for this specific project.
  6. No words can be used on the front design without prior discussion.
  7. You are expected to write a detailed statement about this work, explaining why you want to create a t-shirt for Inclusivi-tee and what your image means to you.  An excerpt will be taken from your statement and used as a quote on the back of the shirt.  Your statement should be several paragraphs long.
  8. You will be asked to submit to interviews and provide written comments as requested during the creation process.
  9. Inclusivi-tee will retain rights to the design.
  10. If you are chosen as an artist for Inclusivi-tee, you will be featured on our website and receive $2,000 in compensation.