One of our nonprofit partners this year is Sigma’s Bookshelf,, what is believed to be the first book publishing company exclusively for teen authors.  The company, which is a project of Springboard for the Arts, was started up by Minnetonka, Minn., teenager Justin M. Anderson, 16, a twice published author who didn’t think it was fair that he was the only teen he knew with a book out. Since its founding in Oct. 2016, the company has brought five teen authored books to market, and sold hundreds of books. All services for the teen authors are free. They get royalties for books sold online and in stores. To view and/or purchase the available books, go to To make a tax deductible donation to the company to help bring more teenagers' books to market, go to 
Sigma's Bookshelf Founder Justin M. Anderson
Young Authors with Founder Justin M Anderson