Inclusivi-tee was formed with the explicit goal of supporting non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our communities. If your organization shares our strong commitment to justice and equity, we would love to work with you.  

Here are some ways you can support Inclusivi-tee and increase your positive impact on the world:

Community-building Events
Fundraising Events
Fundraising Products


T-shirts and bags are often used by organizations to celebrate evens and raise funds. We would like to work with you to create your promotional products. We print small or large orders and can even print on demand at the same low prices. We can use your existing design or help you create something new. As Inclusivi-tee grows, we will adjust prices on earth-friendly material so that your organization can take care of the earth while keeping more money for your mission. For more information, contact us at

Community-building Events: 

We love planning events for organizations. Lori, Inclusivi-tee's CEO and licensed psychologist, is available to present keynote addresses on kindness, to lead a community-building workshops on kindness, or (coming soon) to come for a reading of her upcoming book, Happiness, Kindness, and Faith. For more information, contact us at

Fundraising Events:

Since launching in 2017, Inclusivi-tee has been involved in seven fundraisers. We enjoy helping organizations in the community by supporting and celebrating their missions. If you are interested in working with us, contact us at

Fundraising Products:

Our products make beautiful, fun, positive, and unique fundraising tools. We donate 50% of our profits, regularly hold events that make the world better, and use earth-friendly material. Fundraising with us truly is fundraising for the good of all.  For more information, contact us at information@inclusivi-tee.comClick here for our fundraising brochure.


One of our nonprofit partners this year is Sigma’s Bookshelf,, what is believed to be the first book publishing company exclusively for teen authors. "Empowering teen writers to become published authors. Making books authored by teenagers “a thing.”" Justin M. Anderson, Founder, Sigma's Bookshelf

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