Inclusivi-tee and Unembellished, a University of Minnesota student group, hosted this event at the University Baptist Church in Minneapolis.  The purpose of the celebration was to support immigrants. 

Performers at the event included Mari Harris (jazz singer), Eco Andino (Andean guitar and flute), Travla (rap), and Son Rimay (Musica Mexicana). Speakers included David Lawrence Grant, noted screenwriter, author, and speaker; and Pastor Daniel Romero from First Congregational Church in Minneapolis.

View David Lawrence Grant here

One of the most touching moments of the night for Lori Myren-Manbeck, our founder, was when a homeless gentleman, Jim, wandered into the church to get out of the rain.  When Lori found out he was experiencing homelessness, she brought him a plate of food to eat there and one to take with him.  When asked what else he needed, he asked about getting some books to read.  Lori was able to get some books from the pastor of the church and give them to Jim before he left the event.

Kindness Without Borders was the pre-launch for the Kindness Concert Experience, during which we video recorded "unknown" Minnesota Super Groups, who have songs highlighting kindness, community, or friendship.  The recordings were then mixed into a concert video, which was streamed worldwide November 11-17, in recognition of World Kindness Week.