Our Flier for the Event.

On Friday, October 12, Inclusivi-tee hosted the "Kindness at Home" concert at the Hyatt Regency.  The concert included headlining artists The Untouchablesalong with other great performers Travla and Antonio Jackson. 

For an idea of the success of this evening of entertainment, please enjoy reading this quote from our founder, Lori Myren-Manbeck, about the event:

We were overwhelmed by the donations for the Kindness at Home Concert and filled a room with clothing.  The lead musician, Lydia Marie, regularly works with people experiencing housing difficulties through her organization 1 Love/1 Mission.  She therefore was able to take the clothes and the food directly to the camps the next morning.
In addition, we realized about two weeks before the Kindness At Home concert that we were going to have fewer guests than expected.  I called the Hyatt Regency and discussed the food situation.  Because of the lower account and our shared desire not to waste food, we agreed they would alter the menu in two ways.  First, they would hold half of the food back so that it could be packed up in to go containers at the end of the evening if it was not eaten.  Second, they would divert some of the food money to make 75 packed lunches that would be ready to hand out. They were gracious and kind about the changes and seemed really glad to be providing meals for people who needed them The bagged lunches included: 
Veggie Crudite w/ Hummus
Bag of Chips
Choice of Seasonal Whole Fruit
Bottled Water