Emily has worked with us on several wonderful creations, including Kindness Heals, which features animals and plants that have been, or still are, on the endangered species list, but which have been making a comeback thanks to conservation efforts.  She says of her work:

Dreams are the seeds of everything that blooms through the paper, pen, pencil, and paint laid before me. The creations I shape want to be born into this world, and, of late, they want to become something more than an object filling empty wall space, more than a thing filling my pocket with money. In a time of so much suffering -- for humanity and wilderness and wildness -- I believe it is time to wind my gift of art into the struggle for the greater good. And I believe it is time to connect with like-hearted people and build something strong and lasting within the family we become. This is why Inclusivi-tee matters to me -- it is a surge of goodness in a world that too often seems to have gone completely bad. It is a creative source of giving, hope, and connection. It is a beacon sending out a bright message to those who feel lost and hopeless: "There is a power that can heal a hurting world, and that power is Love."

You can find her work at https://www.emilyengelhardart.com