Wenwen Manfred grew up in China where she began developing her artistic style. She came to the U.S. to refine her skills and further her education in painting and experimental animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She now works as both an independent multi-media artist and serves as the lead designer of Jukko, the first mobile ad network with a social mission. She is inspired by the technique of Chinese painting that she was exposed to as a child through observing her father's artistry whose style has roots in Qi Baishi. Wenwen also draws inspiration for her animation projects from experimental filmmakers Rober Breer and Caroline Leaf. 
Tess Fenn grew up in suburban Minnesota and began using her voice for good when she was 10 years old, using theater and the stage to perform stories about challenging questions of humanity and social issues. She continued this quest by producing content of this nature on New York City stages. Since then she has used her expertise for storytelling as a marketer, game developer, and social entrepreneur. Tess recently completed her M.A. in Social innovation at NYU and currently works and advises non-profits on strategy and earned revenue models. 
Wenwen and Tess became friends through their work developing games for Global Gaming Initiative, a B-Corps mobile game developer, and incubator. The formed an artistic bond and friendship which has led them to experiment together to develop pieces to make the world better. They recently launched their introduction to literature, releasing "Oliver's World of Pearls" a children's book about the power of unexpected friendships, not too different than their own. For them creating T-Shirts with a social message feels like the perfect opportunity to share their dreams for a better world with an abundance of people. They hope you enjoy their first t-shirt focusing on the Global Goal of gender equality. 
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