Each quarter, Inclusivi-tee will partner with a locally-based nonprofit organization from across the United States to create a t-shirt. 100% of the profits from the shirt will be donated to the local organization.
Ubuntu VillageUbuntu Village Team

Our first quarter, July through September, our partner will be Ubuntu Village in New Orleans.

Ubuntu Village works with youth in the criminal justice system and their families.  Their primary goal is providing the youth and families with access to resources that help them develop long-term strategies for economic and societal stability and enable the development of confident and productive members and leaders of society.   Ubuntu Village’s mission is to provide programming that delivers social, economic, and transformational justice.

“Ubuntu” is a South African word that means “I am because we are.” With the seven Principles of Kwanzaa as a guide, Ubuntu Village incorporates unity, self-determination, collective work, responsibility, purpose, and creativity to empower young individuals to reach their goals.  In addition, they use family and community outreach to affect societal structures and encourage the development of healing, healthy support communities.

Ubuntu Village seeks to work on a societal and individual level.  By tackling issues like juvenile justice, mass incarceration, racism, unemployment, trauma, joblessness, individualism, and divisiveness, they help provide solutions to heal large societal ills.  At the same time, their focus on families and youth helps enable individuals confronted with multiple oppressions to overcome these oppressions while building a sense of unity, community, and self-worth.

Ubuntu Village staff have a firm understanding that people need to work together to heal scars and move forward into a better, more just future.  As part of this positive, forward-focused philosophy, they are beginning a new initiative in September called  “Show Your Love.”  According to executive director, Ernest Johnson, “Show Your Love” was conceived as a way to encourage people to think deliberately about their interactions with the world and the ways they care about each other.  We will be working together to develop a “Show Your Love” t-shirt, available on our website during our first quarter.  In addition, Inclusivi-tee will be helping Ubuntu Village collect “Show Your Love” statements.  Ubuntu Village will further develop this initiative when it is launched in September.

We are honored to be partnering with this wonderful non-profit to create a shirt.  Please show your support for Ubuntu Village by signing up for an Inclusivi-tee membership and getting a “Show Your Love” shirt.  Then, to learn more, visit https://ubuntuvillagenola.org/ and consider donating directly.