Each quarter, Inclusivi-tee will partner with a locally-based nonprofit organization from across the United States to create a t-shirt. 50% of the profits from the shirt will be donated to the local organization.


Inclusivi-tee is excited to announce our second quarter non-profit partner, House of Charity.  House of Charity was started in Minneapolis in the 1950's with the aim of "transforming lives, one person at a time."  They have moved locations several times since their beginnings and have been in their current home on south 8th Street since 1976.  One of their primary goals is to "help struggling individuals meet their basic human needs of food and shelter while reducing barriers to their long-term self-sufficiency."  Their tagline is Feed. House. Empower.

House of Charity fulfills its mission by providing:

Free Public Meals at their Food Centre 365 days a year
Transitional Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing
Chemical and Mental Health Treatment
Public Showers

Their model is based on respect for all people and a commitment to helping their clients become the best they can be.  House of Charity staff recognizes that people have different needs, abilities, and goals.  They meet each client where he/she/they are and work within a framework of inclusion and acceptance.  We cannot imagine a better partner as we head into the holiday season and look for continued ways to help and support our neighbors.

For more information about House of Charity, go to www.houseofcharity.org

Inclusivi-tee is in the process of designing a t-shirt for House of Charity to be featured in our current quarter.  Details will be coming in the next two weeks.  To find out how you can join Inclusivi-tee's club, receive beautiful artist-designed t-shirts, support both national and local non-profits, and show you care in art you wear, please go to www.inclusivi-tee.com.  With your help, we can make the world a better place.

Click here to purchase this quarter's shirt to benefit House of Charity.