Sanya Pirani is a 5th Grader from Jeffers Pond Elementary school. She is the founder/CEO of “Sanya’s Hope for Children,” as well as a youth Ambassador for CAP agency of Scott, Dakota and Carver County. Sanya’s Hope for Children (SHFC) was founded in January of 2017, and supports local and global impoverished children. With half of the world’s population under age 25, SHFC’s mission is to help young people with the basic necessities of life, fund educational endeavors, find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues. Sanya has been making a large-scale impact on local and global communities since the age of seven. One of her biggest accomplishments has been preparing 122,436 meals for Latent, Haiti via Feed My Starving Children. In 2016 Sanya helped children via CAP agency projects and raised $8,979. She has also had a successful food drive locally and raised 1,364.4 pounds of food. She sewed over 100 bags filled with school supply and Christmas toys to helped local homeless children in 2016 Christmas. In addition, she raised a little over $1,500 for other projects and the list goes on and on… In addition, to her philanthropic work Sanya gets invited to speak at churches, schools, events, clubs and many other social events to share her journey and how she could influence other youth to follow her footsteps. For fun she loves biking, hiking, writing stories, reading, playing piano, figure skating and swimming. She volunteers regularly at church, the local CAP and the local library in the summer. Sanya is continuously thinking of ways to help local and global communities in need. Her generosity has made a huge impact! For more information, and to donate to her causes visit: