This video is from our holiday outreach but we think it tells our story well...


Promote equity, diversity, kindness, and inclusivity through the sale of beautiful earth-friendly, artist-designed t-shirts and bags; the donation of time and money; and active participation in local and national events that promote justice and kindness.


To increase our positive impact on the world every year, every month, every day, and become a world leader in the growing social enterprise movement by

  • living our values
  • creating beautiful high-quality, must-have products
  • taking care of the earth
  • seeking business partners who share our ideals
  • treating our employees and business partners with kindness and fairness
  • fighting for equity
  • actively supporting artists and musicians
  • donating 50% of our profits
  • encouraging supporters and customers to become involved in protecting the earth and all the creatures who live here
  • organizing and participating in community events that support our mission
  • consistently walking the walk of social and environmental justice, never settling for simply talking the talk