Inclusivi-tee is committed to working with companies, businesses, and organizations that make a difference in the world.


Reusable Shopping Bags


Our reusable shopping bags are manufactured and printed by Freeset, an organization dedicated to providing alternatives to women trapped in poverty and Kolkata, India’s sex trade.


Freeset is based in Sonagacchi, the heart of Kolkata’s red light district where tens of thousands of young women are working as prostitutes daily.  Employees at the company earn twice the average wages,  are provided with health insurance, work in a family-friendly environment, and are involved in making business decisions that directly impact them. Many women who work at Freeset could barely use a pair of scissors when they were hired. Today, they are making beautiful bags of which they can be proud.  In addition to learning skills related to sewing and printing, employees learn valuable life skills, such as reading and community building.

Organic & Fair-trade:

Freeset bags are made from 100% organic cotton sheeting and canvas, using ethical manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly products. All raw materials are sourced from suppliers using sustainable processes and chemical-free dyes and are free from fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and preservatives.  

For more information about Freeset, visit their website at:

Clothes Made from Scrap

Clothes Made from Scrap

We have carefully selected Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc as one of our t-shirt suppliers of choice because of their commitment to protecting our environment, combined with a dedication to producing a quality, comfortable shirt.

All CMFS t-shirts are made from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton, making each t-shirt purchase a contribution to protecting our environment. Recycling prevents these items from filling up our landfills and reduces pollution of the air water and land.

The t-shirts resulting from this process are comfortable, durable, and soft. Join us and try one for yourself.



Since it’s beginning 12 years ago, Butter has sought to be a community builder. Now in it’s 12th year, Butter Bakery Cafe aims to build sustainable communities through great food and beverages. Rooted in our southwest Minneapolis neighborhood, we aim to share the local and regional tastes of Minnesota.  Our commitment to local sourcing, zero waste, and ethical business practices leads us to reach out to our community and advocate for better workplace policies.  We’ve joined with others to lead campaigns for improvements to the restaurant industry and recently established a no-tip pricing model in order to provide fair, living wages to all of our staff for every shift.
We partner with community organizations to support arts, education, environmental protection, human rights and affordable housing.


Atheists Talk

Atheists Talk is an actual radio show produced by Minnesota Atheists on AM 950, the "Progressive Voice of Minnesota" They take up that golden "church time" on Sunday mornings with engaging interviews and topical discussions on atheism, humanism, state/church separation, religion, ethics, science, art, and many other issues of interest to the community.



Teghan Devon Devon is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Myersville, Maryland who graduated from the renowned Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and now attends McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She plays guitar, bass, and piano and her music has folk/pop/indie rock vibes. 

This fall, Teghan has been playing multiple gigs around the twin cities, including at one of the Open Streets Minneapolis festivals, and was featured on a local radio show (KFAI FM).  In the summer of 2017, Teghan was selected as a New Folk Finalist to perform at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Teghan also was awarded honorable mentions in the 2017 Telluride Troubadour Contest and the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. In the beginning of summer 2017, Teghan played bass on a promotional tour for her school with the indie rock ensemble.  In the summer of 2016, she performed her original song “No Exception” at the International Summit to End Sexual Violence.  Teghan has played all over the country as well as Australia.


Dan Israel 

"Writing and performing great songs for the last 15 years, Dan Israel is easily one of the Twin Cities’ un-anointed poet laureates, steadfastly making his way into the ranks of local singer/songwriter legends like Paul Westerberg. Whether it’s with a full band or as a solo act, his work contains elements of intimacy and, as he again demonstrates on his (2011 release), “Crosstown Traveler,” an engaging simplicity that makes his deep music accessible to any audience. His performances showcase these same qualities."
– Minneapolis + St. Paul / Secrets of the City




Alex Tulp:


Rare Pharoahs:


Marvin Werth is a singer-songwriter who now lives in Edina, Mn., toured extensively throughout the late 1990's through the mid 2000. Lived in Texas and found success with a regional hit he called "Party Naked"...(released in 2000, about inner tub floating and partying on the river) Recorded "Innocence  Lost" in 1996 at POD studios in Minneapolis, engineered by Leo Whitebird. This record is 10 tracks of original music. Released "Yours Tonight" 2003, 5 tracks original material, self produced and engineered. Marvin does occasional performances, no more late nite bar shows...bedtime comes early these days!

Mari Harris, a soulful, elegant voice wrapped around a joyfully playful personality. Looking to add inspiration to your next service or event? Sit back, relax, and enjoy her uplifting lyrics and elegant piano styles as she takes you on a journey through the celebration of one’s self.

Mari is an accomplished musician with a diverse selection of self-empowering, interactive songs encouraging the audience to “Be Just Who You Are!” Mari also holds the very unique talent as a singing auctioneer.