We are asking our subscribers and visitors to join this us by sending a short video or written statement to information@inclusivi-tee.com. Your responses will be featured on our website and Facebook page.

Here are some previous responses:

  •  I show my love by noticing the people around me.
  •  I show my love by raising three caring, responsible children.
  •  I show my love to the world by participating in science marches.
  •  I show my love by donating my time at my daughter's school.
  •  I show my love by working as a doctor.
  •  I show my love by voting. 

 Other ways you can get involved include:


Join our club and support new progressive non-profits every quarter.

Find organizations to support in your community and volunteer.

Encourage non-profits in your community to apply to be one of our quarterly partners and see their story told on our site.  Non-profits that are not chosen will be available for "adoption" on our site.