Hemp Grows Fast- Unlike cotton, which takes an entire season to grow and mature, hemp matures extremely quickly. This means that farmers can get harvests faster, making more of a profit each year.

Hemp Does Not Need Pesticides- Hemp naturally resists insects and fungus. Cotton, on the other hand, is an extremely delicate plant which requires tons of pesticides and insecticides in order to grow. Hemp also naturally suppresses weed growth. This means that farmers make more money growing hemp because they do not have to spend a fortune on dangerous chemicals.

Hemp Can Grow Almost Anywhere- Hemp can find a home wherever it ends up. Its hardiness ensures that you can plant it on a prairie or a mountainside and it will thrive.

Hemp Decreases Pollution- This wonder plant actually cleans up toxins in the surrounding soil. This is called phytoremediation. Want a good example? Hemp was planted around the Chernobyl disaster site to clean up the radiation. Amazing!

Hemp Blocks UV Rays- Another super cool thing about hemp is that when it’s used in fabrics, it blocks more than 50% more UV rays than regular cotton fabrics. And, this is true even if the hemp content is only 50%.

Hemp is a sustainable fabric of the future. It is durable, resists mold, bacteria, and mildew, and is biodegradable.