You Can Save The World provides practical, simple tips for living a more sustainable life no matter where you are on your sustainability journey. 


Pre-Order: You Can Save The World Book
Pre-Order: You Can Save The World Book

Pre-Order: You Can Save The World Book

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I LOVE this book! In a creative, concise way, it captures impactful yet simple sustainability steps each of us can take to shift our lives and create a healthy, equitable and thriving planet. More than the Earth, it’s really about together saving ourselves and assuring a vibrant future for us and our children. And, it’s written in such an inviting and inclusive way that it’s the perfect gift for everyone by saying how much you care about them and our planet.

– Terry Gips, Author, Breaking the Pesticide Habit and Co-Founder and President, Alliance for Sustainability (

Filled with easy and powerful suggestions for taking action, You Can Save the World will help save our planet and us! This is a book to read and share with everyone you know.

- Laurie Ellis-Young, author of Breath is Life.

You Can Save the Planet is a quick and DELIGHTFUL READ! I look forward to reading it much more slowly with my daughter, to nourish her ecological literacy and witness how she begins to demand ecological accountability in our household for all the hidden ways we have blindly hurt ourselves and the planet. Now, with the insights in this book, we can begin our eco-household course correction process.

-Sam Grant, Social Ecologist and Executive Director of MN350, PhD (c)

Many of us are looking for ways to become better stewards of the earth. Advice comes from so many directions that it can be difficult to decide what to do. You Can Save the World...In Fact You're the Only One Who Can takes the guesswork out of sustainable living by providing simple, straightforward steps anyone can follow. What's even better is that there are tips for just about everyone, whether you are dipping your toes in sustainable living or have jumped in the deep end.

- Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director of One Tree Planted (

You Can Save the World...In Fact You're the Only One Who Can is a fun, quick read with tips that are simple and easy to implement in everyday life, such as participating in Meatless Monday. The book is a great starting point for anyone looking to reduce their impact on the environment, and create a more sustainable future. It's good for parents, kids, and people of all ages.

- Dana Smith, Campaign Director, Meatless Monday (

In building the kind of movement that will effectively lead to the kind of systemic change needed today, it is important that we each live daily lives of integrity in how we care for the environment. This book serves as a helpful guide for doing just that. There is much that can be learned in these pages to make our own lives reflect the broader societal transformation envisioned for a just and sustainable world.

- Rev. Brooks Berndt, PhD, Minister for Environmental Justice, United Church of Christ

Enlightening and empowering. This book takes a look at the everyday systems in our society that are harming our planet. Most importantly, it provides us with real and actionable steps each one of us can take in our everyday lives to do something about it.

- Jessica Laflam, Founder of Eco Girl Shop (

As an experienced teacher with an advanced curriculum and instruction degree, I was very excited when asked to read an early copy of “You Can Save the World.” I have worked with K-12 gifted students for many years, and one of the difficult things in looking for curriculum and resources for them is finding materials that allow students room to research and dig deeper while giving them a jumping off point that peaks their interest and drives them to learn more. When discussing climate change and the care and stewardship of our earth, this book could be used as just such a resource. By giving basic, simple ideas about how each of us can help to take care of our Earth, then providing resources for further understanding, the book is a terrific way to introduce a research unit about taking personal responsibility for our planet. With beautiful pictures and a clear organization, it lends itself to discussions about this topic with all students, from the youngest to the oldest. Being written as a practical book of ideas, it delivers these possibilities in a way that is not preachy or pushy, a fact that students will definitely appreciate. In addition, being available as a digital book makes “You Can Save the World” even more adaptable in these unusual times when schools are exploring the many ways we can teach our students both in person and at a distance. I would highly recommend it as an introduction to any teacher thinking of discussing our impact on our world.

- Bobbi Jo Boggs, M.Ed., K-12 Gifted Coordinator Colfax-Mingo CSD, Colfax, Iowa

I found this book to be a GREAT sustainable guide to start taking action! It is a great tool for beginners in sustainability that do not know where to start and has ideas for the most seasoned sustainability experts. Don’t be afraid to choose your favorite chapter and apply what you learnt! Give yourself a month, and at the end of it you will have a win-win situation between you, your community, the environment and your pocket. And if you have the courage, pick up another chapter and apply both of them the following month. Welcome to a new joyful life as a conscious consumer!

- Melanie Izrael, Sustainable Textile Designer and Consumption Counselor

YOU can save the world! You CAN save the world! You can save the WORLD! However you look at this book and its title and message, it underscores something that my team and I at Cora Ball and Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean firmly believe, that lots of littles make a big. That means that lots of little efforts add up to big impact. This book is an inspiring guide detailing some of those efforts that truly will make a difference. People of all ages need to believe in the power of individuals, to know that the specific and very achievable suggestions in this book really do add up to impact, and to understand that environmental destruction knows no boundaries. We have one, big ocean. We share in society’s failures when we lose reefs and species and trash starts circling the globe... but that also means, we all share in society’s successes when the reefs come alive, species are saved and we see a worldwide reduction in waste (in and out of the ocean). Whether you are making decisions on behalf of yourself, a family or a corporation, this book will help guide you to make a difference. You can save the world!

- Rachael Z. Miller, CEO/Chief Ocean Lover, National Geographic Explorer


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