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Inclusivi-tee is a Public Benefit Corporation devoted to supporting justice and kindness in everything we do, from creating beautiful, artist-designed products with positive messages to planning community event. Our goal is to do everything we can to move the world in a positive direction.
We hope you will join us.

Calling All artists

Do you share our passion for inclusivity, diversity, equality and shared freedom and want to use your talents to make a difference? We are accepting applications for progressive t-shirt designs. We pay our artists for their work.


Promote equity, diversity, kindness, and inclusivity through the sale of beautiful earth-friendly, artist-designed t-shirts and bags; the donation of time and money; and active participation in local and national events that promote justice and kindness.


For media inquiries, send us an email at:
Customer Service and Questions:
Phone: 952.240.8946

About inclusivi-Tee

We sell comfortable, eco-friendly, and beautiful t-shirts. Each tee is lovingly designed by a local artist and printed on fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed cotton. 50% of the profits go to progressive charities and non-profits.

At Inclusivi-tee, we know that the only way to move forward, take care of and uplift each other and protect the earth is by working together. We were founded with the desire to turn a ripple into a wave.

Creating waves of progress, one tee at a time!

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One of our nonprofit partners this year is Sigma’s Bookshelf,, what is believed to be the first book publishing company exclusively for teen authors. "Empowering teen writers to become published authors. Making books authored by teenagers “a thing.”" Justin M. Anderson, Founder, Sigma's Bookshelf

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Ubuntu Village Fundraiser

Ubuntu Village Fundraiser

On Septembers 17, 2017, Inclusivi-tee is partnering with Ubuntu Village to host a fundraiser. The event will include local musicians, food, drink, and an artist-inspired raffle.

Solidarity Vigil at Dar Al Farooq mosque

Solidarity Vigil at Dar Al Farooq mosque

Inclusivi-tee team members recently attended a solidarity vigil at Dar Al Farooq mosque.

Planned Parenthood Event

Planned Parenthood Event

We attended our first event as Inclusivi-tee founders today and we could not have been more proud to be a part of this amazing progressive community.

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CHARITABLE ACCOUNTABILITY BBB Standards for Charitable Accountability
   a. 50% of our profits will be donated to nonprofit organizations. Donated profits from sale of the quarterly artist-designed shirts, bags, and notebooks will be divided equally among the ten national nonprofit organizations listed above. Profits from local shirts will be donated to various local organizations chosen quarterly.
   b. These donations will continue indefinitely.
   c. There is no maximum or minimum donation amount because donations will depend on subscription sales.